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Aug 14, - Did Anneliese van der Pol Accidentally Reveal Chelsea's Ex-Husband on “Raven's Home”? Raven-Symoné's Hollywood Evolution. Info.

Anneliese van der Pol & Raven Symone "That's So Raven" LIVE

Raven symone and anneliese van der pol dating

Raven symone and anneliese van der pol dating

Am I the only one who thinks that the ring on her right ringfinger looks ALOT like an engagement ring? What if she is? I guess one of these two possibilities here: Apr 27 , The ensemble of the show was praised for a different kind of chemistry it delivers to the fans. Raven symone and anneliese van der pol dating

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That's So Raven Live - Anneliese van der Pol and Raven-Symoné