Choose Your Slot Machine

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The Slot Machines Room offers 74 machines.

The game consists of winning combinations to determine a specific prize.

The entrance to the Jackpot Paradise is free every day from 12 till 9pm, during summer and from 12 till 8pm on winter season. Moreover, we still offer our clients the Valet Parking service.

In our machine can choose from the traditional to the latest technology.

Generally, one can distinguish between two main categories: roller machines (machine used) and video machines. Each offers several options and different bets. They offer prizes as coins played, prizes and awards progressive direct screens are bright over a group of machines.

  1. Roller Machine

Single line

Just one winning line in the window rolls. The award usually depends on the number of coins bet and multiplied according to the number.


It has three, five or more winning lines. The increase of coins bet can play other lines who have more opportunities to win.

Other Models

In the engine room are also models not listed above. All profits plan shows the possible combinations of winning.

  1. Video Machines

Simulated roller machines or games like Poker, Bingo and Keno

Video Poker                                  

Like machines, rollers, support one or more currencies thus multiplying the total award. The higher the stakes the greater the reward.


Simulation is a game of Bingo. You can choose how many tickets you want to play (1-4) and the amount of coins on each card (1-2).


It simulates a game like “Lotus.” You choose between 2 to 10 numbers. The balls with the drawn numbers appear on the right side of the screen. Prizes vary depending on the coins bet and the amount of numbers selected.


All machines accept bets of one or more currencies ranging from 0.10 to 1 euro as a kitten and a maximum of 25 euros.

Bill Acceptor: This system allows you to play without having to ask for change. The player can also choose to use all credits or require payment of all that has accumulated.

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  1. I really like this casino… In this game there are large selection of games and bonuses are available.. I like the design of this website..

  2. Thank for your post. Through your post I got a information about the roller machine and video machince.

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